Useful links for Occupational Therapists undertaking housing modifications

Home Modification Information Clearing House - NSW

Delivering Housing Adaptations for Disabled People - Good Practice Guide 2006 - UK

Canadian Occupational Performance Measure

The Enabler web site - Sweden - This website concerns the Enabler, a concept and method for measuring and assessing accessibility in the physical environment.

Resource page - American Association page for Housing Modifications resources

Livable Housing - Link to a guideline book download for an Australian volunatry building design standard for universal design

Published articles

  • Comparison of equipment prescriptions in the toilet/bathroom by occupational therapists using home visits and digital photos, for patients in rehabilitation - research article
  • Understanding home modifications impact on clients and their family’s experience of home - research article
  • A Descriptive Study of Home Modifications for People with Dementia and Barriers to Implementation - study link  
  • Using remote assessment to provide home modification services to underserved elders - abstract link  
  • Home-safety modifications to reduce injuries from falls - abstract link Balancing the good – a critical discourse analysis of home modification services- research article
  •  Have They Done what They Should? Moral Reasoning in the Context of Translating Older Persons’ Everyday Problems into Eligible Needs for Home Modification Services- research article
  • Policies Concerning Assistive Technology and Home Modification Services - disability policy in Sweden

NZ Building Standards

NZS: 4121 Design for access and mobility: Buildings and associated facilities

NZS: 4102 Safety in the home