Housing Modification Resources - Bathroom

Accessible wash hand basin options

St Michel - wall hung basin options

Creative Living - wall hung, accessible and hi/lo options

Euromedical - ROPOX swing away unit

Euromedical - ROPOX hi-lo unit, up to 30 cm of height adjustment, available either in manual or electric versions

St Michel Amica - Wall hung - 800mm wide x 200mm high x 535mm deep

St Michel Kloc - wall hung - 7500mm wide x 45mm high x  500mm deep

Plumbline - evo 55 wall hung basin

Caroma Opal - wall hung offset basin

DuraStyle Furniture Basin - wall hung basin


NZ Supplier of accessible wash hand basins and handrails and other associated bathroom supplies - SA Plumbing Supplies

Portable bathroom options

Lowa Towa  - Trailer bathroom

Highlander bathrooms - External large bathroom encompassing wet area shwoer, toilet and wash hand basin.

Careport - Free standing shower cubicle


Bed bath options

Litoo shower bed - adaptation to a bed to allow for a shower on the bed like a shower trolley.