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All you need to know...


You and your team will be travelling long distances over a short amount of time, so share the driving and get a good rest the night before.

We recommend you arrive in each city the day before the expo so you can be there at 7am to begin set up. Auckland is usually our busiest expo and because it is the first venue on the roadshow it is important to be there early to make sure you have enough time to unload and set up your display.

South Island travel post earthquake and SH1 closure:

It looks like SH1 from Picton to Kaikoura is going to be a long way off being ready for traffic.

In February, travel from Picton to Christchurch is highly likely going to be the inland route.

The inland route is from Blenheim on SH63 - SH6 - SH65 then SH7 down past Hanmer Springs back to SH1. The route on google maps is 478km from Picton to Christchurch and is noted as taking 5 hours 48 minutes. This is around 45 minutes longer that the older SH1 route, is more twisty and will have a lot of trucks slowing things down. Your travel planning down South and back home will need to account for the extra time and tiredness of whoever is driving. If you are thinking of an overnight stop on the way - book early as accommodation might be under extra pressure.

Pack in/Out:

Packing in begins at 7am at each venue.

There is parking access at each venue to unload and reload your equipment. There are large access doors at each venue and these will close at 8.30am so please be ready for therapists and clients to begin arriving at 9am.

There are over 45 suppliers with you at each venue and you will be required to move your vehicle once you have unloaded to make space for others to unload. Pack out may begin at 3:00pm in the North Island and 2:00pm in the South Island. Suppliers are not permitted to pack out early.

NOTE: No vehicles are permitted inside the venue without the express permission of the organisers. Damage caused by vehicles to venues will be very expensive and will be charged to your company by the venue.


Care must be taken with displays which can mark or damage the flooring at the venue. Please ensure there is adequate protection against damaging the floor.

NOTE: Any damage will be charged to the Supplier responsible.


All stands are 3 metres deep. Width depends on what size your company has purchased. The sites at each venue are not paneled but there is a back wall for all stands.


Tables and chairs are not provided by Show Your Ability. Please contact Exhibition Hire Services 09 579 9884 or www.exhibitionhire.co.nz to arrange tables and chairs.


There is a power outlet available for your use but you will need to supply your own extension cords/multiboxes if power is necessary for your stand. Extension leads and multiboxes must have passed an electical inspections and be have a current certification tag.

Drink and food:

All venues have catering on site and are close to other food outlets.

Venues also have vending machines with the exception of Hamilton.

Suppliers are reminded to take care of the venue floor surface with hot drinks.

Any Suppliers intending to provide coffee/food as part of their display need to obtain approval from the organisers as some Venues restrict this activity.


Parking is free at every venue. Exhibitor vehicles must be moved away from the venue following pack in. In previous years we have had problems with vehicles blocking access points for wheelchairs, please be aware of this.

Earthquakes, other emergencies and common sense:

Make sure your display is free of hazards to people visiting the shows. Loose cables must be tucked away and take steps to ensure nothing is placed high and unsecured on your display stand (i.e. LCD TV screens).

The Shows are open to the general public as well as allied health professionals. Items like iPads, smartphones as well as your wallets and handbags do not need to tempt any passing sticky fingers. Look after your stuff.

Display panels will remain standing in smaller earthquakes and have been well tested in the Canterbury region in the last few years.  

Should there be any earthquakes or other emergencies during the shows we will follow the advice and requirements of the venue management regarding any evacuations. Take note of evacuation notices in the various venues should these be required.